All Performance. No Hassle.

You want the best but you’re not convinced you need external adjustment. Perhaps the rules say you have to use a non-adjustable damper. Then you want Zero: The gas-pressurized monotube shock absorber built according to your exact requirements.

Don’t judge a book by its cover.

Zero has no external adjustment—but that doesn’t mean it’s not adjustable. Open one up and you’ll find a replaceable bleed jet and a pair of shim stacks—all of which can be tuned to deliver the performance you’re looking for.

Family resemblance.

Zero shares all of its essential components with One.Zero and Two.Zero. Bodies and bottoms? Check. Low friction shaft seals? Sure. One-piece piston ring? Yes. A choice of linear and digressive pistons? Of course.

You want to know more?

If you want to see what separates Quantum Zero shock absorbers from the competition on the inside, the comprehensive owner's manual explains in detail how they operate, how to interpret dyno charts and offers practical advise on routine care and adjustment.

Download the Quantum Zero Owner's Manual

Through the 90s and 2000s,
the company has supplied teams in the:

  • European Formula 3000
  • Japanese Formula 3000 (later Formula Nippon)
  • UK Formula 3 series
  • German Formula 3 series
  • French Formula 3 series
  • European Formula 3 series
  • Japanese GT championship
  • Formula Ford
  • UK club racing classes, including Sports 2000 and Mini Miglia.