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    Before returning your shock absorbers to QUANTUM we advise that you contact us by phone or by email to discuss your specific requirements.

    Please print and complete this form and return it along with your shocks to:

    QUANTUM Racing Services, Station Approach Industrial Estate, Pulborough, West Sussex, RH20 1AQ, United Kingdom

    Please ensure that your shock absorbers are clean before returning them to QUANTUM and that coil springs and top mounts have been removed. An additional charge of £30 will be payable if it is necessary to clean or dismantle your shock absorbers before work can be undertaken.

    We recommend that you remove and keep coil springs, spring platforms and retainers and loose top-hats or spacers as these are not serviceable items.

    QUANTUM will contact you once the requested work has been completed to arrange payment and before any additional work is undertaken, if this is deemed necessary.

    The replacement of components affected by wear and tear or misuse, besides those listed above, is not included in the cost of servicing.

    It is our aim to turn all service work around within 5 working days but no guarantee of time-scale is implied or given. If any work is considered time sensitive, it is essential that you contact QUANTUM before your shock absorbers are dispatched. No responsibility of loss will be accepted for failing to meet deadlines set by either the company or the customer.

    No responsibility will be accepted for loss or damage sustained during shipping or failure to receive consignments once they are in transport.

    All shock absorbers received from outside of the UK will be returned to the sender’s address upon completion and payment, without negotiation.

    Payment is accepted in Pounds Sterling only.