Small robot company super tom

Small robot company super tom

Telescopic shock absorbers

Every so often, Quantum receives a proposal that’s a little bit out-of-the-ordinary and such was the case when we were approached by Small Robot Company to supply dampers for one of their autonomous weed-killing robots.

Small Robot company is an agri-tech start-up developing robots for planting, monitoring and treating arable crops. Every year, billions of pounds are spent on herbicides to eradicate weeds that compete with crops and make them difficult to harvest—but, according to one study by Harper Adams University, up to 96% of chemical inputs designed to kill weeds are wasted through their indiscriminate use.

The alternative solution, proposed by Small Robot Company, is to identify individual weeds using AI and kill them autonomously through targeted use of electricity.

In order for AI to identify the weeds, a scan must first be made of the crop. Tom is Small Robot Company’s crop monitoring and mapping robot, a fully autonomous robot capable of scanning 20 hectares per day.

The data Tom collects is processed by AI and converted into care instructions for a second robot to execute.

Tom operates at 1.5 meters per second and, for the purpose of providing a stable platform from which to record the terrain, has independent four wheel suspension with a Quantum Zero shock absorber at each corner.

The custom shock absorbers are valved especially for this application, taking into account the weight of the vehicle and the terrain on which it will operate.

If you require bespoke shock absorbers for a project of your own, or if you would like information regarding any of the products Quantum offer, please contact us below.

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Through the 90s and 2000s,
the company has supplied teams in the:

  • European Formula 3000
  • Japanese Formula 3000 (later Formula Nippon)
  • UK Formula 3 series
  • German Formula 3 series
  • French Formula 3 series
  • European Formula 3 series
  • Japanese GT championship
  • Formula Ford
  • UK club racing classes, including Sports 2000 and Mini Miglia.