The most popular damper in club motorsport?

One.Zero is your easy-to-understand introduction to externally adjustable damping, trusted by amateur racing drivers across the broad spectrum of national motorsport.

One is all you need.

A single clicker adjuster provides quick and easy adjustment of low-speed damping. The solitary adjuster has 24 positions and effects bleed across the piston in compression and rebound.

Discretion assured.

If the clicker knob is too obtrusive for you—or if packaging is a concern—One.Zero is also available with a cool and compact sweep adjuster.

You want to know more?

If you want to see what separates Quantum Zero shock absorbers from the competition on the inside, the comprehensive owner's manual explains in detail how they operate, how to interpret dyno charts and offers practical advise on routine care and adjustment.

Download the Quantum Zero Owner's Manual

Through the 90s and 2000s,
the company has supplied teams in the:

  • European Formula 3000
  • Japanese Formula 3000 (later Formula Nippon)
  • UK Formula 3 series
  • German Formula 3 series
  • French Formula 3 series
  • European Formula 3 series
  • Japanese GT championship
  • Formula Ford
  • UK club racing classes, including Sports 2000 and Mini Miglia.