A level of service to suit all requirements.

Interim Service

Between major services, for high mileage and extreme conditions

£97 ea. plus VAT
  • Inspect
    • Spherical joints
    • Shaft seals
    • Internal surfaces
  • Replace
    • Shock oil only
  • Repressurize

Most popular

Major Service

At the start of each professional motor racing season or biennially

£183 ea. plus VAT
  • Inspect
    • Spherical joints
    • Internal surfaces
    • Separator piston
  • Replace
    • Shims
    • Seals
    • Shock oil
  • Repressurize
  • Test

Top-up an interim service* with the following additions.


Shaft Seals

Keep oil in and dirt out

£34.50 ea. plus VAT

when ordered with interim service

  • Replace
    • Wiper seal
    • Pressure seal
    • Shaft bearing o-ring
Adjuster Seals

Critical component

£11.00 ea. plus VAT

when ordered with interim service

  • Inspect and clean
    • Adjuster shaft
  • Replace
    • Adj. needle o-ring
Piston Ring

Protection against wear

£21.00 ea. plus VAT

when ordered with interim service

  • Replace
    • Piston ring
    • Backup o-ring

Change or maintain

£31.00 ea. plus VAT†

when ordered with interim service

  • Replace or respecify
    • Shims

* All additions included in major service as standard. † Dyno time charged separately. A £41 dyno charge will be applied for matching each customer supplied graph or forces.

Dyno Testing

Quantify performance. Improve.

Quantum can test all makes of shock absorber for damping performance and adjustability. Each dyno test is conducted multiple times at incrementally higher velocities, providing you with a clear overview of how the damper performs and where improvements might be made.

Most popular

Single Pull

For testing non-adjustable dampers and individual adjuster positions

£37.50 ea. plus VAT
Multiple Pull

For testing multiple adjuster positions, temperatures and strokes

£67.00 ea. plus VAT

Your frequently asked questions. Answered.

Why should I service my shocks?

The use of aluminium in racing shock absorbers prioritizes light weight over durability.

In normal use, microscopic particles of aluminium and aluminium oxide are worn from the internal surfaces of the damper and become suspended in the oil. Left unchecked, this contamination works like an abrasive, accelerating wear and shortening the life of your dampers.

Regular servicing and oil changes in particular will prolong the life of your dampers.

How often should I get my shocks serviced?

The use you subject your dampers to will dictate how often they should be serviced.

Shock absorbers that are subjected to heat from the gearbox or exhaust may require more frequent attention than those in a cool airflow.

Shock absorbers inside the vehicle operate in more favourable conditions than those exposed to road dirt and salts.

Shock absorbers on cars that are only used for a handful of competitive events will experience less wear and tear than those used year round on a road going vehicle.

As a general rule, we recommend a major service at the start of every professional motor racing season or biennially in less competitive circumstances.

Do all of my shocks need to be serviced at the same time?

Not necessarily. If the reason for service is to repair damage, it is acceptable to service the damaged shock only. However, we strongly recommend returning the axle pair to be sure comparable performance is maintained.

During routine maintenance, we recommend servicing dampers in sets.

What is the differences between an interim service and a major service?

An interim service is an oil change and inspection. On top of this, a major service includes the replacement of the valve shims, o-rings and seals.

Inspection and replacement of the separator piston seal can only be conducted during a major service.

How long will it take to service my shock absorbers?

We aim to complete an interim or major service in 10 working days from receipt of the dampers.

If any major components are found to be damaged or in need of replacement, this may affect our ability to promptly return the damper. We will always contact you before beginning work if this is the case.

Can I upgrade my dampers as part of the service?

Of course! Typical upgrades include changing the piston and adding adjustability. Prices vary accordingly. Contact us directly to discuss your requirements.

Do you service other brands of shock absorber?

No. We only service shock absorbers manufactured by ourselves.

Where should I send my shock absorbers?

Please package your shock absorbers carefully, together with a completed service request form, and send them to:

Quantum Racing Services
Station Approach Industrial Estate
West Sussex
RH20 1AQ
United Kingdom
Is carriage included?

Next day delivery within the UK is £18. Large parcels and shipments for export are quoted individually.

Request Service

To request service, download and complete our Service Request form and send it together with your Quantum shock absorbers to:
Quantum Racing Services Unit 9 Station Approach Ind. Est. Pulborough West Sussex RH20 1AQ
Alternatively, to discuss your requirements, contact us by phone or by email.

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