How do you change the spring on my Quantum Damper


That in itself is quite a simple question, however, in this video, Patrick from Quantum Racing elaborates on a few best practices. In this example, we are using the Formula Ford. Let’s say you want to change the rear spring rate to a stiffer one.

9 Easy steps to change the spring on your Quantum damper:

1. The first thing you do with the car on the ground with the driver seated is accurately measure your ride height to get a good datum point

2. Next, lift the back wheels off the ground and measure your spring preload or the open length of your spring. This will usually be in millimetres.

3. We’re going to mark the spring platform with the paint pen so we can put that back in the same place.

4. Next, we need to undo the two grub screws that hold the spring platform in place; so take your flat blade screwdriver, put it into the first one, rotate the grub screw one turn, then turn the platform to the other grub screw the other side directly opposite and release that one as well.

5. Now, we need to wind the preload of the spring to expose the c-clip that holds the retainer in place. This hasn’t got very much preload on it, so probably four turns of the spring platform will expose the c-clip.

6. Now pull the spring back that exposes the c-clip. To remove the c-clip, just take your two thumbs, put them at either end of the clip, spread it apart, and off it comes

7. The next thing we’re going to do is disconnect the bolt from the top of the damper. So take that out of the rocker, so the damper is free. Then we can slide off the c-clip and the spring retainer,, just swap it out for our stiffer spring, slide that into place, take your c-clip, and slide that on as well. Now we’ll just reinstall the damper into the Rocker to make life a bit easier.

8. Slide that back into place , and push the spring all the way home. Again, take the c-clip, put your thumbs in their two open ends, and just spread it over into the groove Now pull the spring up into place and wind back on the four turns. Line up the paint marks and take a vernier or ruler to measure across it to check. That was the rear spring re-fitted.

9. Now the final thing to do is drop the car back onto its wheels, reinstall your driver and check your rear ride height using the datum that you’ve established earlier on. Remember that if you fitted a softer spring, the car would be lower or if you fitted a stiffer spring, the car will sit slightly higher.

That’s all you need to know about changing springs for now. If you have any other questions about custom shocks or dampers, please don’t hesitate to contact Quantum.


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