Have you ever wondered what happens to your dampers or shock absorbers when they come in for a service? Or how to check your car’s damper? Well, you’re in luck as we have provided an explanatory video for you.

How is a shock absorber serviced?

Patrick from Quantum Racing will be taking us through the process of how Quantum services their client’s dampers. One of the most common questions in the damper industry is “What happens to my damper when it is rebuilt”? Patrick, our CEO, will demonstrate and explain how a damper is serviced. 

Quantum Racing recommends that when you return the damper to them for service, you strip the spring and all the associated hardware and return it in its base form.

You will also learn how Quantum extensively cleans the dampers on the outside before they are stripped into their component form.

These are the steps that follow once a damper is clean:

1. When the damper is in component form, all parts are ultrasonically cleaned and carefully inspected for any wear and tear. 

2. The most crucial part is the internal surface of the body where the floating piston sits, also considering the condition of the piston. 

3. Once everything is checked, all seals and O rings are replaced with new ones so that the damper can then be reassembled carefully. 

4. The damper will then go onto the Dyno; we can then check its performance against its original build.


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