Alan Mann Ford Mustang



Some names in motorsport echo through the ages and one shining example is Alan Mann Racing. A Ford factory team between 1964 and 1969, their red and gold colour scheme is synonymous with the Cortinas and Escorts that won the European Touring Car Championship and British Saloon Car Championship during this period.

Today, the team is a popular presence at events including the Goodwood Revival and the Masters Historic Series, preparing cars for customers to period specification. As the availability of original competition parts has declined, AMR was one of the first to approach Quantum to manufacture replacement shock absorbers for the Mustang; and as historic motorsport has grown in stature, the rules laid out by the FIA have only grown more strict.

With this in mind, Quantum has designed the Atomic—a shock absorber conceived and built with one hand on the FIA Appendix K documentation.

Appendix K restricts replacement components to a proven period specification. In accordance with the rules, the Atomic is a twin-tube shock absorber with a central oil filled chamber—in which the piston operates—surrounded by a reservoir—containing oil and gas at atmospheric pressure only—into which the oil can expand.

Bump damping is managed using a valve in the base of the damper. The Atomic is available with or without external damping adjustment and in the case of the Mustang, where separate bump and rebound adjustment is not permitted, the bump adjuster is not installed.

Rebound damping is handled by the piston and an external adjuster is present in the top eye or on the end of the shaft.

Per the specific requirements of the Mustang, the front dampers have a unique lower mounting with a pair of threaded attachments. At the top there is a T-bar. The rear damper has a pin attachment top and bottom. All of the attachment points are rubber mounted.

Careful application of our expertise has allowed us to produce a product that is serviceable, consistent in operation and predictable for the driver without exceeding the capabilities of the original equipment—qualities that are essential to fair competition and absolutely necessary to achieve the best possible performance.

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Twin-tube, steel body, single adjustable damping—rebound only. Spherical joints or rubber mounting eyes. Custom attachment points available on request.



Twin-tube, steel body, double adjustable damping—independent compression and rebound. Spherical joints or rubber mounting eyes. Custom attachment points available on request.

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Through the 90s and 2000s,
the company has supplied teams in the:

  • European Formula 3000
  • Japanese Formula 3000 (later Formula Nippon)
  • UK Formula 3 series
  • German Formula 3 series
  • French Formula 3 series
  • European Formula 3 series
  • Japanese GT championship
  • Formula Ford
  • UK club racing classes, including Sports 2000 and Mini Miglia.