Ford escort mk I & ii

Ford escort mk I & ii

Coilover shock absorbers

The original Ford Escort: Famous to this day as a group 4 rally weapon, during the 1970s it was also a successful group 2 touring car. In the same way the Rothmans livery is closely associated with the stages of the World Rally Championship, the striking red, white and green Castrol branding is unmistakable on this Zakspeed ETCC replica.

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If you’ve seen any coverage of The Classic at Silverstone, you’re probably already familiar with Malcolm Harding’s car. A popular subject for photographers, not only is this particular Escort a fine replica—approved by none other than Mr Zakowski himself—it’s also one of the tidiest examples being used for competition.

Malcolm has an eye for detail. The underneath of the car is no less clean than the top and an extraordinary amount of time has gone into developing the suspension. Regulations differ between events but in its current guise the Escort is sporting coilovers on all four corners.

The front suspension uses Rix Engineering MacPherson strut cases paired with Quantum Racing 40mm strut inserts. The inverted MacPherson strut design offers improved rigidity over conventional struts and is available with one or two ways of adjustment, or no adjustment at all.

On the back, coilover dampers allow 2-¼ ID inch springs to be used, affording a greater range of spring rates to be used.

If one Castrol Escort is good, surely more are better? Malcolm also owns a Mk I Zakspeed replica, this one more closely adhering to the group 2 regulations. And even more so than the Mk II, it is in concours condition—almost too good to race!

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Through the 90s and 2000s,
the company has supplied teams in the:

  • European Formula 3000
  • Japanese Formula 3000 (later Formula Nippon)
  • UK Formula 3 series
  • German Formula 3 series
  • French Formula 3 series
  • European Formula 3 series
  • Japanese GT championship
  • Formula Ford
  • UK club racing classes, including Sports 2000 and Mini Miglia.